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Squishable Hammerhead Shark by Kasey L.

Squishable Hammerhead Shark

Voting is Over

Voting is Over

Squishable Hammerhead Shark

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Artist's Description:

The Hammerhead Shark is without a doubt my favorite shark. Its odd head is so endearing. For many years, it wasn't understood why a shark would have such a weird head. Until it was discovered that sharks use gel filled pores in their noses to sense the movement of their prey. If you have a bigger nose, you can detect prey more easily!

About the Designer:

Kasey L.

I don't have much of an official background in art, it's a passion and a hobby I've had all my life. I love animals so I draw them for the most part, but I can draw other things. I especially have a passion for endangered species, and hope to one day be a wildlife conservationist.

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