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Squishable Guardian Lion by Christyn H.

Squishable Guardian Lion

Voting is Over

Voting is Over

Squishable Guardian Lion

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Artist's Description:

I've got lots of names! Imperial Guardian Lion, Komainu, Shishi, Singh, but most likely you know me as Foo Dog. We've kept guard and protected homes and families for thousands of years! We're symbols of prosperity, power and good luck. Usually we come in twos: A female symbolizing yin and a male symbolizing yang! So do you need someone to keep an eye on your things or a bit of good luck? Maybe just someone to protect you while you sleep? Well I'm just what you need!

About the Designer:

Christyn H.

I'm just an art enthusiast who also has an almost unhealthy love for stuffed animals. I've been drawing (mostly animals) since I was a kid and enjoy any opportunity to put my art out there.

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