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Squishable Grinabite by Macy P.

Squishable Grinabite

Voting is Over

Voting is Over

Squishable Grinabite

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Artist's Description:

The Grinabite, hungering evil, or ridiculous chubby monster, you decide. These one-eyed little creatures are surely the first of their kind, produced in an undisclosed lab, in an undisclosed location, of undisclosed intention. All we do know about these guys is that they eat, a lot, like lots and lots. No matter how big or small, they'll eat it all, so you best try to keep them full or who knows what will go missing. Missing a sock? Can't find your homework? Put your sandwich down and turn away only to look back and see nothing but a plate with crumbs on it? More than likely the culprit was a hungry Grinabite. Sometimes they've even been known to hide things in that little belly of theirs too you know!

About the Designer:

Macy P.

Hope you guys enjoy my entries as much as I enjoyed drawing them for you!

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