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Squishable Green Tea Mochi by Olivia L.

Squishable Green Tea Mochi

Voting is Over

Voting is Over

Squishable Green Tea Mochi

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Artist's Description:

Mochi is a delicious treat loved by people all over the world, so who wouldn't want a plushie of it? Green tea is my favorite flavor (and probably most people's favorites). Plus, mochi is squishy! And these are called Squishables! So it only makes sense to turn them into plush-able form, right? After all, wouldn't want to snuggle up with a big ball of mochi?

About the Designer:

Olivia L.

Iím a recent art grad from RIT whoís just looking to get her art out there and into the world. Iíve worked with some of the most advanced fields of art (specifically, Iím a medical illustrator). But just because my work is often used for educational purposes, it doesnít mean I donít also use it for fun! Iíve always had a love for design in all areas, and designing cute little plushies sounded like a fun idea.

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