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Squishable Fennec Fox by Stefanie A.

Squishable Fennec Fox

Voting is Over

Voting is Over

Squishable Fennec Fox

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Artist's Description:

Foxes are cute, but they don't always have it easy! The Fennec Fox is now the third Squishable Fox in our family, but he's quickly becoming top When it comes to soft and fluffy ears, the Fennec is the top fox! Because of their huge ears, all Fennecs are really good listeners, and will love to hear all about your day. Even if all you did was go to your mother's. Along with those big fluffy ears that are just so squishable, this Fennec also sports a cuddly tail and adorable eyes that will win your heart.

About the Designer:

Stefanie A.

I spend half of my life working at KFC, and the other half of my life as a self employed artist. I'm trying to save up as much money as possible before moving out to BC with my partner and going to University. My Squishable designs are mostly designs that I have a special personal connection with. <3

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