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Squishable Forest Spirit by Maggie C.

Squishable Forest Spirit

Voting is Over

Voting is Over

Squishable Forest Spirit

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Artist's Description:

You are the adventurous type, always traveling into the woods and exploring nature. Fearless as always you decide to wander into the woods as the sun goes down. But you make a huge mistake this time, you forget your flashlight and are lost. Not knowing which direction to go you wander further and further into the woods. Fear starts to conquer you as the trees seem to morph into monstrous creatures ready to attack you. Suddenly as you step on something soft...warm and squishy. You quickly look down and see a little forest spirit! At first you are terrified, not knowing what the creature will do to you. But as you continue to stare at it, and it at you, your expression softens and that makes the forest spirit smile. After a while the spirit gets up and starts to walk away from you. Not wanting to be left alone, you follow the forest spirit unsure of where it will bring you. After a while you see a light in the distance. You quickly realize it is your home and run towards it faster and faster. Then suddenly, you stop and turn around to thank the forest spirit for leading you home. But it has disappeared, lost in the night like a dream. For this design I wanted to create something bizarre and head-turning and thus the forest spirit was born.

About the Designer:

Maggie C.

I am currently a college student studying graphic design.

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