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Squishable Ferret by Phebe L.

Squishable Ferret

Voting is Over

Voting is Over

Squishable Ferret

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Artist's Description:

I have been obsessed with Ferrets for a while and I'm now going on 2 years of owning 3 myself! I've been waiting a while for someone to finally make a design for a Ferret Squishable and after years of waiting I decided even though I'm not the greatest artist I'd just go ahead and go for it. This Ferret squishable has brown ears, a beige nose and brown paws. It's coat is a pretty brown and vanilla color and has the cutest tail! I really hope you help me bring it to life, it would make us fellow carpet shark owners so very happy. :)

About the Designer:

Phebe L.

Hi! My name's Phebe and I have loved art ever since I was a little girl. I mostly enjoy using my skills for photography and videography but when I'm not doing those things I like to draw!

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