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Squishable Dream Fairy Sheep by Amie V.

Squishable Dream Fairy Sheep

Voting is Over

Voting is Over

Squishable Dream Fairy Sheep

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Artist's Description:

"Count the sheep to fall asleep and let the Dream Fairy take you off to the land of sweet dreams." I was putting my son to bed and told him to fall asleep fast so the dream Fairy can come and give him sweet dreams. I also told him to count Sheep to help him fall asleep. He asked why Sheep and I told him. "The Dream Fairy is a Sheep and you have to count all of them to find her."

About the Designer:

Amie V.

I am a graphic designer working in NYC. She loves all things cute & Disney. When she is not designing awesome toys and crafts you can find her knitting or spending time with her two boys!

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