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Project Open Squish

Squishable Dachshund by Jordan M.

Squishable Dachshund

Voting is Over

Voting is Over

Squishable Dachshund

Tell me if it's made!

Artist's Description:

I have always been a fan of "weiner dogs", a.k.a. Dachshunds. I think they are adorable, loyal, devoted, funny little dogs and I think they would be super cuddly and soft in Squishable form!

About the Designer:

Jordan M.

I am an artist who loves to do art for fun. I love drawing animals and have been drawing animals since I was a child. I am pretty much self-taught and taught myself how to draw dogs. I love cute things and stuffed animals. I own 1 Chihuahua and 2 dachshunds.

Talk about this design!
Talk about this design!
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