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Squishable Melvin the Westie by Luis T.

Squishable Melvin the Westie

Voting is Over

Voting is Over

Squishable Melvin the Westie

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Artist's Description:

"In doing something, do it with love or never do it at all". With that in mind, I knew my design should be related to my two beautiful westies, Max and Calvin, so I created Melvin the Westie! All their distinguishing marks are there: the dark beady eyes, the black nose, the short and the long white fur, the pointy ears and tail. And, of course, the red tongue so he can lick you while you are hugging him! I hope you will love him as much as I love my dogs.

About the Designer:

Luis T.

A 28-year-old Brazilian who would love to live in New York City and be 20 years old again. A lawyer who once wanted to be a designer, a doctor, an architect, a chef, an actor, a writer... anything but a lawyer. A dog person. An X-Men fan who at the age of 13 thought he would become a telepath. A gamer with no skills. A former cosplayer. A guy who is no Prince Charming but was blessed with true love and shall live happily ever after. A daydreamer. A Squishable fan. And, especially, a man who is really "terribad" at describing himself. :)

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