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Squishable Cuttlefish by Taylor H.

Squishable Cuttlefish

Voting is Over

Voting is Over

Squishable Cuttlefish

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Artist's Description:

Did you know that Cuttlefish have three hearts? (All the more to love you with!) Still pretty cuttle-y and all cute, this guy was designed for the older generation like me to enjoy a more realistic Squish, and to be likewise used to educate the younger generation about the wonderful little Cuttlefish!

About the Designer:

Taylor H.

Studying Multimedia Design at University of Wisconsin; Stout, I've been drawing from just about the time I could walk, and its unusual to NOT see me with a pencil in my hand! (Ask any of my professors, they'll say the same thing). And I've always had a love for cephalopods, and find them absolutely fascinating animals. If I wasn't majoring in art already, I would have opted to go for some sort of animal biology.

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