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Squishable Lucky Cricket by Elly S.

Squishable Lucky Cricket

Voting is Over

Voting is Over

Squishable Lucky Cricket

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Artist's Description:

In scene IV of Shakespeare's play Henry IV, Prince Henry asks Poins, "Shall we be merry?" and Poins answers, "As merry as Crickets, my lad." Many cultures believed (and some still do) that Crickets bring good luck to a home. Maybe it's their happy, musical chirping that us humans find so appealing. My idea here was to design a Cricket in the colors of the bamboo cages they're kept in for a "good luck charm" you could Squish for years to come!

About the Designer:

Elly S.

Elly Sketchit: Not my real name but what everyone in the art world has known me as for many years - is also known as "stupid cat" for reasons that become obvious as you get to know me.

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