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Squishable Baku by Jaclyn D.

Squishable Baku

Voting is Over

Voting is Over

Squishable Baku

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Artist's Description:

Bad dreams keeping you up at night? Just call your friendly neighborhood Baku! Part tapir, part tiger, with an elephant cousin or two, these Japanese critters love nightmares—their flavor, that is! Bakus eat bad dreams, sour moods, and grumpy days like potato chips. They’d be more than happy to cuddle up to a scary movie for a nice dinner and to help you get back into the groove of your circadian rhythm.

About the Designer:

Jaclyn D.

I was born on a beach, grew up on a mountain, and am studying Studio Art and Creative Writing on a different mountain. I have been drawing and writing about amazing animals, extinct creatures, and fantastic beasts as long as I can remember. When not worming my way through piles of books or spending hours in the drawing and print labs, I design and sew stuffed animals to give to my friends and add to my own collection—which includes a happy family of seven Squishables!

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