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Squishable Voodoo Doll by Samantha V.

Squishable Voodoo Doll

Voting is Over

Voting is Over

Squishable Voodoo Doll

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Artist's Description:

Ordinary Voodoo Dolls do not lend themselves particularly well to the stuffed toy industry, owing largely to the sharp objects that typically protrude from their bodies. (This unfortunate feature explains their conspicuous absence from the market.) Voodoo Doll Squishable, however, solves the problem; he is fabricated "FOP" ("free of pins") for your snuggling convenience. Bring him along to your next sleepover--or sťance--for a ghoulish good time!

About the Designer:

Samantha V.

I am a graphic designer who works predominately with vector graphics using Adobe Illustrator. My areas of specialization include logo, business card, and e-book cover design. My personal aesthetic tends towards the whimsical, bohemian, and organic rather than the corporate or industrial. I also maintain a bi-weekly single-panel webcomic about a cat preoccupied with death.

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