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Squishable Bad Luck Coyote by Megan "Yuchi" S.

Squishable Bad Luck Coyote

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Voting is Over

Squishable Bad Luck Coyote

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Artist's Description:

Call this guy a vermin, just try. He'll give you the saddest little eyes and probably snuggle up to you and love you forever. One of the world's most underappreciated animals, this little coyote sports a little heart on his back just for you. He will treat you with all the kindness in the world and love you even if you hit him. Coyotes are by nature very determined, so this little guy will love you till the very end of his little days.

About the Designer:

Megan "Yuchi" S.

I'm just a silly little artist, who goes by Megan or Yuchi...from Orlando, Florida, livin the life and drawing in my spare time. I've always dreamed of having a design of mine turned into a plush or toy of some sort so this is a fun opportunity and I hope to see this little guy in my home very soon! <3

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Talk about this design!
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