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Squishable Corgi Pumpkin by Kimberly B.

Squishable Corgi Pumpkin

Voting is Over

Voting is Over

Squishable Corgi Pumpkin

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Artist's Description:

It's of a cute little tri color Corgi in a Pumpkin costume. I was inspired to sketch this up because of my tri colored Corgi Domo. Domo was playing with his Pumpkin toy which he has had since he was a pup. I wondered what he'd dress up as if he were to make a costume for Halloween. Thus came Corgi Pumpkin idea!

About the Designer:

Kimberly B.

I've always been doing something with art, since I was a little girl. I'm so much into art stuff I even pursued a career in game art and design as a environment artist. It is a nice change and relaxing getting to work on 2-D stuff again with this design of the Corgi Pumpkin.

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