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Squishable Classy Puppy by Melanie S.

Squishable Classy Puppy

Voting is Over

Voting is Over

Squishable Classy Puppy

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Artist's Description:

The Classy Puppy is a charming, yet oh so fluffy lad that wants nothing more than to encourage you to be your very best! He was inspired by the often cute and cuddly-appearing animal-like companions seen in video games and animation, the stars in his eyes showcasing something mysterious and magical.

About the Designer:

Melanie S.

Hi! I'm Melanie, but I often go by "Orion" in artistic spaces! I'm an amateur illustrator and I have a huge passion for character design, and I try to improve a little more every day! I take a lot of inspiration from mobages, modern cartoons, and video games where creation and innovation is the key to success!

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