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Squishable Chameleon by Judy Q.

Squishable Chameleon

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Voting is Over

Squishable Chameleon

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Artist's Description:

I've been a fan of Chameleons ever since I studied zoology in college and worked at a zoo that had one. They are incredibly cool with their wacky, independently moving eyes and color changing abilities! Thought I would give it a go and share the uniqueness of Chameleons in squishy form. Hope you like my design!

About the Designer:

Judy Q.

I work full time in an academic library and have a passion for young adult and children's literature, especially related to illustration. I enjoy drawing but generally my creative design comes out in other ways; I'm working on writing a children's book and I've twice created prize-winning marshmallow peep dioramas for contests! I also have a five-year-old who was so inspired by my chameleon design that he is already creating his own Squishable designs using the template!

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Talk about this design!
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