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Squishable Caacrinolaas by Utsuro B

Squishable Caacrinolaas

Voting is Over

Voting is Over

Squishable Caacrinolaas

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Artist's Description:

At may be shocking news, but some dogs AREN'T 'Good Boys'. This devilish dog can attest to that. He may look cute and fluffy, but be wary! He's got quite the history. But hey, aside from all that, he does enjoy a nice hug every now and then! What? C'mon, he's not THAT much of a jerk.

About the Designer:

Utsuro B

I'm a sentient UFO that has a passion for painting only the most intriguing of Earth specimens. What? Why are you laughing? I'M SERIOUS--

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Talk about this design!
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