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Squishable Green Katydid by Katy K.

Squishable Green Katydid

Voting is Over

Voting is Over

Squishable Green Katydid

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Artist's Description:

Also known as bush crickets and long-horned grasshoppers, I've always thought that Katydids were really cute bugs! They also come in pink, but considering that they have adorable leaf-shaped wings that they use for camoflage, it would've felt wrong to not make this little guy green. With big friendly eyes, stubby antennae to add to the cuteness factor, and six legs, hopefully this little guy can help people to overcome their fear of bugs, one squishy hug at a time!

About the Designer:

Katy K.

I've been drawing ever since I was little, particularly inspired by cartoons and by animals. While I typically draw people the most, I've always had a fondness for drawing little cartoon animals, so this seemed like a perfect fit! I've always loved Katydids since my parents started to use it as a nickname for me, and I thought that the Katydid's benign, cute appearance would make an adorable plush.

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