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Squishable Pill Bug by Morgan L.

Squishable Pill Bug

Voting is Over

Voting is Over

Squishable Pill Bug

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Artist's Description:

When I was a kid, instead of playing with dolls I'd go outside and catch frogs and generally just have fun being a girl. Pill Bugs were one of my favorites to play with. I would hold them in my hand, always hoping they wouldn't curl up scared. This Squishable is always happy to see you and not afraid to come out and play!

About the Designer:

Morgan L.

I like making things I want to see around me. I've been formally trained in fine art, assisted a fashion designer build a collection and have been hired to make various CAD projects. The most fun for me is creating things that remind me of childhood memories or represent a new memory I want to make. These Squishables are a fun and fluffy way to do just that.

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