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Squishable Blue-Footed Booby by Kelli M.

Squishable Blue-Footed Booby

Voting is Over

Voting is Over

Squishable Blue-Footed Booby

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Artist's Description:

What's not to love about the Blue-Footed Booby, a bird who seems to be aware of his name by the near constant scowl upon its face? And its feet...THEY ARE A PERFECT SHADE OF BLUE! So jealous. A relatable bird with awesome style. That is all.

About the Designer:

Kelli M.

Hello! I had a lot of fun these past three weeks coming up with ideas for this contest, "This is impossible!" only to have a plethora of creations come five minutes later. I've doodled all my life, but only got serious about drawing during high school. I most enjoy drawing in cartoonish styles, so this contest was right up my road! Thank you all for coming up with such an awesome product and having this contest!

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Talk about this design!
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