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Squishable Blushing Kitten by Zoe D.

Squishable Blushing Kitten

Voting is Over

Voting is Over

Squishable Blushing Kitten

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Artist's Description:

Hello! I'm a squishy kitten purrfect for cuddling and squishing! When I'm happy, I blush a cute pink color (which is always.) If you ever need a soft furriend, I'll be there for mew! All the love you give me when you hug me is stored for later, so you'll always have plenty of warm, fuzzy feelings! Love is stored in the kitten, after all. =____`_=

About the Designer:

Zoe D.

Drawing has been my hobby since I was a 3rd grader. I probably won't become a professional artist, but I'm still very passionate about it!

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