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Squishable Blue Jay by Michelle S.

Squishable Blue Jay

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Voting is Over

Squishable Blue Jay

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Artist's Description:

Did you know Blue Jays were complete gluttons? They'll fight off a rabid dog just to keep their food safe. What better way to celebrate the hungry Blue Jay than making a huge, chubby Sqishable of it?! I suppose it would seem that the Blue Jay ate a little too much.

About the Designer:

Michelle S.

Hello! I'm a 19-year-old college student that loves art and cute things. Squishables are pretty much the epitome of everything I find adorable (I almost [literally] carry my Raccoon Squish around with me everywhere.) I thought I might as well give it a shot with my design and hope everyone likes it. :)

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Talk about this design!
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