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Squishable Beaver by Cassie L.

Squishable Beaver

Voting is Over

Voting is Over

Squishable Beaver

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Artist's Description:

Beavers, what's there not to like about Beavers? They're pretty cute to begin with and also make the most hilarious noises. They're one of the few creatures than can completely change a landscape in short periods of time (that includes humans!) and there's even a beaver dam that's so big you can see it from space! When you add on the combination of bucked teeth, webbed feet and that big ole tail and roll it into a ball (literally) it just makes the cutest thing! And don't be surprised about an increase of blanket forts in your house with this guy around!

About the Designer:

Cassie L.

Hi! I'm a self taught artist who's learned to make things through lots and lots of trial and error. I really love cute, fat things which is why I decided to enter this contest! I hope you all like my entries, I tried my best to make them as cute and fat as possible! X3

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