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Squishable Baku by Jaylynne R

Squishable Baku

Voting is Over

Voting is Over

Squishable Baku

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Artist's Description:

I love the Baku! Imagine a yokai that's a combination of several animals and can eat your nightmares! That's sick, I wish a Baku would visit me and eat my bad dreams! Or maybe it did and got tired of eating the same nightmare all the time. I guess the Baku got bored of that one recurring nightmare with the dark crawlspace and the impossibly long,crawling zombie :< Oh well, this Baku has toe beans and that's neat, yipee!

About the Designer:

Jaylynne R

I'm a scrubby artist that loves all things adorable and spooky. I am also a self proclaimed professional trash gremlin who sometimes draws cute, round critters and is haunted by the beast known as sleep deprivation. I've been stuck in this artist bio for years and no one has noticed hee hoo

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