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Squishable Baku by Jaylynne R.

Squishable Baku

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Voting is Over

Squishable Baku

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Artist's Description:

The Baku is a strange yet benevolent yōkai from Japanese folklore that loves to eat nightmares. It's appearance may be bizarre as it looks like a jumble of different animals, but this creature is a great friend with a kind personality! This Baku will stay by those it cares about to eat any nightmare they may have! This cute Baku looks like it was made out of the sweetest dreams but it's looks are quite deceiving. One look at the Baku and nightmares cower in fear as this fluffy beast devours them all, ensuring a great nights sleep for all it's friends!

About the Designer:

Jaylynne R.

I am an artist hoping to someday create my own line of toys. I love animals and drawing, and I really love plushies!

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Talk about this design!
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