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Squishable Baby Phoenix by Kassy J.

Squishable Baby Phoenix

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Voting is Over

Squishable Baby Phoenix

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Artist's Description:

Once upon a time, there once was a young prince who lived in a faraway land. He owned everything that the little island had to offer, but he still wanted more. Day after day new travelers and merchants came from other faraway places showing him gold and jewels but nothing interested him. One day, a ship arrived at the docks. A mysterious passenger walked straight to the prince and said, "For those that believe, the light will shine." And with this he handed him a box and left. Confused, the prince opened the box where a flaming colored egg sat. It was hot to touch. Curious, he took it home. Day in and day out he waited. Shen finally the egg made a sound, he rushed over to see a featherless baby bird sitting there. Together the prince and the mystical bird grew together till they both were old. As the bird turned to ash the prince sent out soldiers to find another bird just like his friend to share the love and happiness it had brought. Years have passed since then, and Peck is now waiting for another believer to bring happiness.

About the Designer:

Kassy J.

My favorite animals are foxes, and I love fantasy and myths. And my favorite activities are swimming, cosplay, and drawing.

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Talk about this design!
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