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Squishable Axolotl by Kaitlyn D.

Squishable Axolotl

Voting is Over

Voting is Over

Squishable Axolotl

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Artist's Description:

Axolotls can regenerate nearly any part of their body perfectly, including their spinal cord, jaws, and limbs. When a limb is regenerated on an Axolotl, it leaves behind no scarring or any sign that the limb was regenerated. Just like how they can generate a smile on anyone's face! Ever since I was a young child, I've been obsessed with different fairy tales and mythologies. The little Axolotl just looks like one of those mystical creatures- but it's real! Axolotls were very interesting to the ancient Aztecs because of their unique look and regenerative powers. They believed that the Axolotl was a manifestation of the god Xolotl, who was the gondolier for the dead in the underworld. With their adorable happy faces and curious natures, Axolotls one of the cutest things I've ever had the pleasure of seeing! I took the stand out features of this adorable creature and put it into the huggable Squishable form!

About the Designer:

Kaitlyn D.

IÕve been making art for before I can remember. Born with a bunch of creativity and no idea what to do with it, I started pursuing art in middle school. Watching as many videos as I could and learning all I can, still trying to find more tricks to this day. Freshy out of school, saving for college, I hope to make it as an artist some day. If I can achieve that, I will never work a day of my life.

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