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Squishable Anteater by Scott S.

Squishable Anteater

Voting is Over

Voting is Over

Squishable Anteater

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Artist's Description:

Ant problem? Who are you going to call? This Squishy! His grey fur is super soft, as is his glorious snout. His claws might be big, but donít worry! Theyíre for searching for ants only, and are actually quite soft to touch. Just like his big bushy tail. The inspiration for the Anteater is a fun one. As you can tell, I love unusual animals. My wife and I went to a zoo once, and I was very excited to see the Anteater, but it wasnít in its exhibit. So Amanda then proceeded to make herself a snout and be an Anteater. Iíve loved them and her more ever since.

About the Designer:

Scott S.

Hi! Iím a Floridian, moved from NY to my current home in Tampa with my awesome wife Amanda, our cat Freya and our pug Darth Vader. I love toys, and have many collections. My biggest passion is Transformers (with hundred of figures), but of course I have my fair share of Squishables too! In terms of art, Iíve always loved to draw; comes from my mom who was an animator. That and my love of Disney parks. So Iíve always been drawing, and if you combine that with my toy collecting and the awesome-ness of Squishables, I just had to join this contest.

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Talk about this design!
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