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Squishable Amabie by Kim R.

Squishable Amabie

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Voting is Over

Squishable Amabie

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Artist's Description:

Amabie is a plague-fighting Japanese yokai that's been trending for the last couple of years. It has a beak, long hair, scales, and three legs or fins. The legend says that Amabie emerged from the sea more than a century ago to predict several years of good harvest and then a pandemic. To help ward off the disease, it said to draw its picture and show the drawing to as many people as possible. #AmabieChallenge has been going strong on social media, and some version of Amabie can be seen in Japan on signs for hand washing, food and drink packaging, toys, postcards, and souvenirs.

About the Designer:

Kim R.

I'm an American graphic designer living in Tokyo. I do commercial design and dabble in paper mechanics, crafting, costume creation, and illustration.

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Talk about this design!
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