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Word Art Reading: Squishy PONG Holiday Edition 2019

*Festive Music*

Pat: Hello everyone I'm Pat.

Sam: And I'm Sam, despite what you may have read.

Pat: We're here for one singular purpose, to spread holiday cheer and use ping pong balls to put randomly selected Squishables on sale for 50% off.

Sam: That is two purposes, Pat. How silly of you!

Pat: What a faux pas! Normally something that we'd have a cutaway gag with Producer Rachel for, but nobody's really seen her around and I found this note in her office!

*Dramatic Sound Effect*

Sam: I'm sure it's nothing!

Pat: Me too! Let's explain the rules of the game! Thirty cups are set up on this extremely themed table, each with a picture of a recently released or holiday themed Squishable inside. Sam will toss six ping pong balls across the table, while I stand by pretending to contribute. Whichever cups the balls land in, the corresponding Squishable style will go on sale for 50% off for today only. Stay tuned until the end of the video for a coupon code you can use to redeem the discount on!

Sam: Yeah! So simple!

Pat: *Laughs* Sam, I have a surprise for you. It's a tiny hat!

Sam: Oh Pat it's perfect!

*Heavenly Music*

Sam: I love it, but...I actually sold my tiny hat stand to, um, get you this tiny hat.

Pat: *Gasps* It's perfect.

*TV Static*

Pat: I think we did that literary illusion wrong! But, in any case, let's pong!

Pat: Ready?

Sam: Ready!


Pat: Pong!

Sam: Welp, there goes one.

Pat: Well, strong start. Alright that's one.

Sam: Alright.

Pat: Oo, that's two! That's...only two. Three.

Sam: Ooo!

Pat: Alright, four.

Sam: Alright.

Pat: Ok five!

Sam: Ball please!

Pat: Zoop! Wow!

Sam: Alright, aaand…


Sam: Ooooohhhhh!

Pat: Six!

Sam: Wooo!

Pat: Wow that was action packed. So we have the Mini Santa. We have the Mini Penguin. The 15" Soup Dumpling, mmm. The 15" Hot Chocolate. The Mini Mac and Cheese.

Sam: Nice!

Pat: And then the 15" Chocolate Bar. Wowowowowow!

Sam: Yayayay!

Pat: Wooooow WOW.

Sam: Thank you for joining us this holiday season for a very special holiday pong. Use the coupon code below to take 50% off any of these styles at That's all for this year, but who knows what 2020 might hold. See you all soon!

*Cheesy Game Show Music*

*Record Scratch*

Sam: Alright, great! Is that a wrap?

Pat, Offscreen: Yup.

Sam: Yay, awesome.

Pat, Offscreen: Ok Johan, let's get nachos.

*Dramatic Music*


Today, Thursday 12/12/19 day 2 of 2 for Squishy Pong Holiday Edition 2019!

Welcome to Squishy Pong Holiday Edition 2019: what happens when the Squishable Art Team gets into the holiday spirit and throws projectiles around the office?! Obviously an existential crisis! This Wednesday and Thursday, we are using ping pong balls to pick different items to go on a crazy huge 50% off sale for 24 hours!

And now, Day 2! Coupon is good from now until Friday morning, 12/13/19 at 10AM EST!!!


To use the code HOLIDAYPONG2, put one or more of the selected items in your cart on, apply the coupon, and the 50% discount will be deducted at checkout! No cash value. Expires at 10:00 am EST on 12/13/2019. Valid on retail orders placed at only. Not valid on wholesale orders. Limit one coupon per order. Not valid with other coupons. Standard shipping charges apply. Not valid on things we don't sell, like masks.

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