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name:  Doctor Plague

likes:  Chemistry sets, tinctures, romantic novels (but they won't admit it), reanimation (but casually), and uncovering secrets.

bio:  Doctor Plague (first name unknown), is here to help. Though a little reserved, the sweet doc is bold when it comes to medical know-how, with cutting edge techniques such as hand washing, mouth covering, and generally staying away from people. Should you need a potion brewed, infestation banished, or maybe just advice on how to make pumpkin bread - Doctor Plague is eager to lend some nutmeg and a hand. Which they will wash first.

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From the Designers

This Spring, the Squishable staff working out of our NYC office chose en mass to wait out the Pandemic in the city. For those who stayed with us, you know things were a bit bleak for a while there! Two of us got really nasty cases (they pulled through!), a bunch more had parents and friends affected.

Then all of our stores were closed. Whew! Then, right in the middle of it all, Rachel got a surprise prototype from our factory. It was a "Plague Doctor" design she'd created the previous fall for Halloween 2020, long before any of this was a thing. Somehow the factory had decided to make it 6 months early. It was fate.

We know this is dark humor. We know that some people might consider it in poor taste. And they'd be absolutely right! It's definitely not for everyone. But it was the surprise laugh we all needed when things were at their darkest. We hope that it serves the same purpose for you.

Zoe, Sam, Pat, Rachel, Johan, and Ricky,
the Squishable Art team.

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