Comfort Food Vanilla Swirl Cupcake
Comfort Food Vanilla Swirl Cupcake
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Jenna H. 3D Animator by day, Squishable freelancer by night. Huge nerd 24/7.
Comfort Food Vanilla Swirl Cupcake

Vanilla is a lot of things. Plain isn't one of them! The traditional story of vanilla's origin involves a princess named Xanat in what is present-day Mexico, forbidden love, and a non-zero number of beheadings. Vanilla's spread around the world involved excitingly big ships and advances in agricultural science!

Vanilla! It is not just what you get if you don't want another flavor! Don't demean this bean! 15 squishy inches of exciting bean. All new polyester fiber, ages 3 and up only! squish_vanilla_swirl_cupcake_15 new
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