Squishable Samoyed
Squishable Samoyed
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Stacy V. I'm a part-time digital artist and have worked with customers online for over 8 years now on select art websites. I specialize in critters of all kinds, and am currently working on getting my art education degree.
Squishable Samoyed

Did you know that the original opening line of Anna Karenina was "All happy families are alike; they all own Samoyeds?" Yes indeed, Tolstoy loved his fluffy white dogs, but his editor was a curmudgeonly Moscovite with a wicked fur allergy. He didn't like the original line, so out came the red pen! Thus we are left with the depressing sentiments that begin the novel today! Just imagine: here we are, over one and a half centuries later, thinking the novel was a window into the complex Slavic soul, when in fact it was originally an ode to a humble Russian doggy! After all, why write about Czarist drama when you can tell a story about loyal herding dogs and their irrepressible smiles? In the original universe, perhaps the family in question lived out their days happily cuddling Samoyeds in front of the fire! 15 squishy inches of when Pushkins to shove. All new polyester fiber, ages 3 and up only. squish_samoyed_15 new

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