SQUEE Club Mug
SQUEE Club Mug
About the Designer
Melissa Z. enjoys drawing, writing, and Earl Grey with milk and sugar.
SQUEE Club Mug

The life of a SQUEE member should be one of Squishy luxury! Picture this: you wake up in your Squishable-filled bed, your head resting on a T-Rex, your arms cradling a Mini Narwhal! Reginald, the Panda Concierge, rushes in. "Good morrow, SQUEE member!"

On his silver tray is a delicious omelette and your hot morning beverage of choice...served in an adorable SQUEE mug. Hot cocoa with marshmallows? Heavenly! Decaf with cream? Delectable! Tea with honey? Tantalizing! This must-have for every SQUEE Club member makes everything more Squishably luxurious!

15 ounces of extravagantly cute hot drink holder! Microwave-safe, hand-washing recommended! squee_mug new

This lovely SQUEE Club Mug can only be ordered by SQUEE Club members!
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