Mini Squishable Witch Cat
Mini Squishable Witch Cat
About the Designer
Eileen W. I'm a college student residing in Duluth, Georgia. I own two cats and love animals and creatures of all kinds.
Mini Squishable Witch Cat

An eerie glow arose from the cauldron. The sound of a thick, bubbling potion filled the dark cellar. Then the labradoodle jumped up at the witch's leg, seeking a treat.

Let's try that again!

The village elders had interfered with the witch's witchly doings for the last time. As she summoned the spirits to invoke a fearsome wrath upon her enemies, her pet cockatiel started chirping. His water needed changing.

Oh, forget it! There's only one fantastic familiar for the discerning witch: the Cat! 7 squishy inches of spell kitty. All new polyester fiber, ages 3 and up only. opensquish_cat_sith_117921 new

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