Squishable Carousel Horse
Squishable Carousel Horse
About the Designer
Catherine B. I'm currently studying animals and biology in school and I draw many animals in my spare time.
Squishable Carousel Horse
Last Updated: 12/9/2016
Status: Approved 12/9/2016

Design Approved!
12/9/2016 - Third Prototype
Officially obsessed. Good enough to ride around in a circle for hours! Approved!
11/29/2016 - Second Prototype
Wow, that's so flippin adorable!! One more try will do it, I think!
11/3/2016 - First Prototype
Hmmm! Well that's not quite right, is it?! I think one more round with a short fur face will do it!!!
Prototype start: 8/4/2016

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