Squishable Baked Potato
Squishable Baked Potato
About the Designer
Brittany K. It's time to bring the joy! I'm a life long art lover with a special passion for kids and CUTENESS! This full time people-person and part time freelance artist is just trying to get the exploding art ideas in her head out into the world for enjoyment. I'm an AVID stuffed animal lover, and don't mind stuffies taking over my bed, chairs, entire room, etc. I love spending time storytelling and reminiscing with my family and friends - OH - and gushing about my adorable mini schnauzer, Doodle!
Squishable Baked Potato
Last Updated: 7/24/2018
Status: Approved 7/24/2018

Design Approved!
7/24/2018 - Second Prototype
This potato is loaded with perfection! We love all of the details on this! Approved!!
12/15/2017 - First Prototype
Well it's definitely making us hungry, but we're not finished with this design just yet. It's going to take a few changes until we're happy with this one!
Prototype start: 9/10/2017

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