Mini Squishable Bunny Holding Ice Cream
Mini Squishable Bunny Holding Ice Cream
Mini Squishable Bunny Holding Ice Cream

Coneys, as rabbits were called in the way-back days, frolicked freely across the hills of ancient Briton. They were attracted to natural conical shapes. Locals noticed that they stored grass and herbs for later use. Ancient ice cream makers, who had grown tired of ye-olde ice cream sandwiches, were looking for a new and exciting way to eat ice cream. Lo and behold, one industrious islander happened upon a bunny enjoying a bit of his cone cornucopia and had a breakthrough. Ice cream! In cones! And thus ice cream cones were born! This story is 100% factual. 7 squishy inches of Bunny Holding Ice Cream! All new polyester fiber, ages 3 and up only! mini_squish_bunny_with_ice_cream_7 new
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