Mini Comfort Food Sushi Roll
Mini Comfort Food Sushi Roll
About the Designer
Sam C. is Squishable's Art Lead! She loves cute animals, cooking, and binge-watching bad reality television.
Mini Comfort Food Sushi Roll

So, Mini Sushi Roll product descriptionÖ you're probably expecting references to the cherry blossoms, origami, comic book characters with gigantic eyes and all the other great Japanese stuff! Instead, I have something different in mind: Svarlbard! This group of Norwegian islands, far above the Arctic Circle, is home to the world's northernmost sushi restaurant! Yes, you can't go more global than the North Pole's next door neighbor!

Nobody here at Squishable HQ has ever been there, but we do respect the heck out of chilly Svarlbardians' passion for delicately prepared raw fish! Maybe we're from less hearty stock: when it gets downright Arctic outside around here, we prefer our sushi soft, cuddly and warm! 7 squishy inches of Northern Bites. All new polyester fiber, ages 3 and up only! comfortfood_mini_sushi_roll new

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5 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 5 On a Roll!
By: Kai (, SC) 2-16-2018
I put off getting this Squish because I hadnít ever gotten a comfort food before and wasnít sure if Iíd like it, since itís not as...relatable, I guess, to the usual animal Squishables, but I wish Iíd done it sooner! The sushi is so soft and itís shaped really well; I love the soft fabric the top and bottom details are made with and the care taken in its creation! If you love sushi, this is a great Squish for you!

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