Squishable Batty
Squishable Batty
About the Designer
Andrew Bell is the comic artist behind Creatures in My Head!
Squishable Batty
Aw! This Squishable design is retired! But there are lots of other great Squishies out there that would love to give you a cuddle! Yes indeed!

This Squishable is now retired.

Who wants a hug? Yeah you do, I can tell. Come here and hug this Designer Squishy created with super-awesome comic artist Andrew Bell of Creatures in My Head! Oh yeah! Feel the cuddle!

Batty is great at being squishy, but still getting to grips with being a bat. Consider the facts: Batty goes out to play in the middle of the day, prefers sitting upright to hanging upside-down, and would enjoy cupcakes over bugs. But rather than angst over the potential identity crisis, Batty has fully embraced his snuggly side! Support his life choices! Give him a hug!

15 squishy inches of googlybat! All new polyester fiber, ages 3 and up only! squish_batty_15 new
Reviews! Woo hoo!
Average Review: 5 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 5 12 Reviews

5 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 5 I have the last one, ever!
By: Ruadhan McElroy (Ypsilanti, 12-30-2014
Long retired by Squishables.com, I got the last one ever from Andrew Bell's website, and love him so much! He's big and silly and goofy and purple, and the perfect Perky Goth sidekick! Thanks so much, Squishables, for making such an amazing companion for this long-time gothboy and his big moose of a black cat! He looks so cute with my Spooky Little Monster, too. ;-)

5 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 5 Batty-rific!
By: Autumn Byrd (OWINGS MILLS, MD) 9-9-2014
Since Squishable.com didn't have this one available on their website, I had to specifically go to Andrew Bell's website to purchase this fella. Being a lover of purple, I absolutely needed this squishable. What I wasn't expecting was for this squishable to so gosh darn cute! It's absolutely perfect in every way! I haven't found another squishable that's quite like Batty. The expression on his goofy face says it all! He's perfect to snuggle up to when you have a good book in your hands!

5 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 5 pink ism my lovn'g
By: jerrett grubby (, ) 12-28-2013
i got tihs batty guy. my sistere gave it tome. he is also a girl to. i love my batty!!!! I LOVE MY BATTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BUY IT NOW!!!!!!!!! SERIUOSLY!!!!!!1!!!!!

5 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 5 I LOVE my Batty!!!
By: Maria M (Corydon, In) 9-30-2013
I adore anything related to Halloween, especially bats! So when I saw this squishable, I knew I had found "the one". I was looking for an (early) first year wedding anniversary gift for my husband too. (We got married on Oct. 31, 2012) and then I saw the werewolf squishable which was perfect for my husband, as the werewolf is more fierce and...manly? Then I saw the mini squishable Nessie and I absolutely had to have her (cryptids hold a special place in my heart). When they arrived on Sept. 27 we opened the box together. When I saw my Batty (I have yet to think of a name) I instantly fell in love. I feel like a little kid because I have been carrying it around the house wherever I go and have cuddled with it every night since I got it. I can't get over the attention to detail on all three and the quality is just amazing. I just adore Batty's little feet, flappy wings and hugs. We plan on taking them with us to our local drive- in this year as well as using them for travel pillows. These were the first squishables I have ever gotten and they probably will not be my last. You definately won't be disappointed with a Batty, werewolf, or mini Nessie!

5 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 5 Batty
By: Kiki Morgan (Buckingham, VA) 8-16-2013
Looove my new Batty. He just arrived today and I couldn't be happier. :) Its a great choice if you're thinking of buying one, they're amazingly soft and cuddly. :)))


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