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Who are you people?

Chief Squishers Zoe and Aaron started Squishable in 2007 after deciding that plush was much more interesting than working in tech. The products were much cuter, the people were nicer, and folks didn't mind as much when you broke into uncontrollable giggles (something that's not acceptable, say, when analyzing someone's server security). These days we work out of NYC bringing Squishy joy to the world! Wanna say hi? Contact us!

Tell Me More!
Sure! We love the world - it's where we keep our stuff! So we're dedicated to making it a better place. We advertise mostly with webcomics and other artists to help support their work, and we donate every month to a charity for each picture we receive from our users. And every little while we auction off our prototypes for charity too! You can find more information in Squishable Philanthropy! Indeed!


Aaron is Chief Squisher. No one knows exactly what he does, but we're really glad he's doing it!


Zoe Is our Art Lead! She keeps the prototypes comin' and the website workin', all while watching Dr. Who reruns. It's a tough job, but those reruns aren't gonna watch themselves!


Beth is Squishable's Managing Squisher! That means keeping everything running and making sure all of you are happy. What could be more fun than managing Squishables? Nothing!


Melissa is the resident Squishistrator! She draws spherical animals all day long for site stuff, Squishable ads and anything else that comes along! You can see some of her not-as-squishy work here and here.


Russell spreads the good word of Squishable! He advertises, tweets, and tries to analyze why all of you wonderful fans do what you do (and channel his own inner super-fan while he's at it!).


Charles is Squishable's General Counsel, which is a fancy way of saying that he is a lawyer. Luckily for him, stuffed animals generally stay out of trouble.


Kendra is a recently-graduated Comics and Cartooning student and professional fangirly nerdlord. She can usually be found talking to people on the Facebook page, getting really excited over terrible TV and music, and drinking way too many fancy coffee drinks.


Elizabeth is a Squishy Customer Service Guru! She also loves bunnies!


Santulli spends a lot of time with numbers. Numbers are not squishy.


Scott is a tinker extraordinaire, whether it be pumping up the Pinterest page, Photoshopping cute hats onto puppies, or doodling Squishable superheros, he's always ready for any Squishy challenge!


Brian is a business-y intern-y member of the Squishy Team! His areas of expertise include data analysis and carrying boxes.


Eric is one part magician and ten parts computer nerd. While he doesn't say much in the office, he speaks the crazy language of computer codes that make our website work its magic!

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