Ever found yourself staring at a Panda and thinking, Wow, that's one scary panda? All right, we haven't either, but that isn't going to stop us from throwing the most adorable Facebook Halloween party ever! It's happening on Wednesday, Oct. 30! RSVP so we know to save you some candy corn!

Can't wait? No fear! We're filling the weeks from now till then with a bunch of spooktacular (agh puns!) contests and games! Yes way!

Oct. 8-13 - Fan Art Contest!
Hey you, artsy person! Yes you! I bet you can draw an adorable haunted house! Or a creepy hay ride/ghost train/pumpkin/whatever! Make a pic of your favorite Squishable having the fright of their life and post it to the Squishable Facebook wall - the most adorably creepy entry wins! All artwork gets shown off to the world in our Frightful Fan Art Gallery the night of the Halloween party (and if you're the winner, the Squishy art team will draw a portrait of you and your Squishy of choice)! All mediums and art styles allowed! Do it!

Oct. 14-20 - Spooky Haiku Contest!
A spooky haiku
Is what this contest's about
Make us proud, Squishers!

Put your poetry skills to work! Write and post a Halloween-themed haiku to the Squishable Facebook wall for all to see! The winning poems will be reposted for the Halloween party, and the art team will draw portraits of each of the winners and their Squishables of choice!

Oct. 21-30 - Joint Costume Contest!
This is the BIG ONE! Let's see some team pictures of you and your Squishy dressed up for Halloween! Why not let a Fire Dragon be the Smaug to your Bilbo? A Red Panda the Pabu to your Bolin? A Werewolf to your Michael J. Fox? The winner will get a special one-of-a-kind Squishable Owl Purse! Seriously!

Wednesday, Oct. 30 - HALLOWEEN FACEBOOK PARTY!!! Ahhh!
Starting at 6 p.m. EST on Wednesday, October 30, we'll be hosting an amazingly awesome Halloween party on our Facebook page! For those of you who remember last year's, the Squishable team will be hanging out on the page with everyone, answering questions, baking scary stuff, posting photos, drawing pictures, blasting Halloween party music and just having a great time! So break out the decorations, dress up, prepare to whip up some pumpkin cookies, and come join us! Don't forget to RSVP! We'll also be announcing the winner of the costume contest!


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