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This Squishable Mini comes with a friend! For every Mini Candy Dragon purchased, we will donate a similar Squishable to a child in need through our partner, Delivering Good. Because everyone deserves someone to cuddle.

Delivering Good, Inc. (formerly K.I.D.S./Fashion Delivers) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, and the charity of choice for new product donations made by hundreds of companies in the fashion, home and children’s industries.

Donating new merchandise provides these companies with a simple and effective way to help millions of kids, adults and families facing poverty and disaster. Since 1985, over $1.6 billion of donated product has been distributed through our network of community partners.

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Corporate Giving!
You know what really livens up a boring day at the office? CHARITY! Squishable loves to partner with companies for the power of good! Corporate gift-giving can be so much more than fountain pens and engraved paper weights. So try something that can really make everyone feel...fuzzy.

Our Buy One/Give One Mini Candy Dragon are great for the office Secret Santa, but if you need a bigger karmic solution we've got it covered too. Our Buy One/Give One can be run with ANY of our Squishable designs: send them to your clients, customers, employees, or anyone you think needs a snuggle.

We'll add a special hangtag to each animal explaining what's going on, and, more importantly, a same-size Squishable will go to a child in need for each one! Contact us if you want to know more!