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How does this work?
Buy a surprise Squishy for a fellow fan! Receive a surprise Squishable bought for you by a fellow Squishable fan! How? First, sign up by purchasing an entry Token! Then answer some questions to help your gifter pick the perfect Squish for you!

Ooh! Then what?
At the end of sign-up, your responses and Squishable Member page will be shared with one of your fellow fans, and you’ll get theirs! Use your Token to pick out the perfect Mini for them! And they’ll pick out the perfect one for you!

Keep going!
At the end of the gifting period, we'll send out all the Squish Swap gifts at once, so everyone can be surprised at the same time! Shipping is on us! Once the exchange is done, come back here to share pictures and notes about your new surprise Squishy friend!

Current number of sign-ups: 700

Gimme some dates!
November 12th at 11:59pm PST - Sign-up end!
November 13th by 2:00pm PST - Return for your giftee's info!
November 17th at 11:59pm PST - Cut off for picking out gifts!

What does it cost to participate?
Participating in the Squish Swap requires only one purchase - an entry Token! That Token let’s you choose any Mini Squishable on the entire site for your Giftee! In years past we let Swappers buy their Mini Squishables directly for their giftee, but this year, by buying a Squish Swap Token instead, everyone pays the exact same for the Squishables that they give and get. A Token costs $20 if you’re in the US, and if you’re international you’ll also be charged a bit extra for shipping. Indeed!!

What sizes can I buy for my Squish Swap giftee?
This Squish Swap will only include Minis! That way you don't have to worry about sending one size but receiving another!

Not all Mini Squishables cost the same! What if I end up buying someone something that’s more expensive than the one I get?
Well, it’s certainly possible! Keep in mind that all of the participating Squishy fans are doing this for fun, as a way to show each other how awesome and nice the Squishy Nation is. The only purchase is the Token, which costs the average price for a Mini Squishable ($20); it’s certainly technically possible that you might receive one that costs $21 and send one that costs $19.50...but we’re hoping that all decisions are made based on what you truly think would be best for your giftee.

Do I get anything special for participating?
All Squish Swap participants will get a special Squishable button designed by Pat in their package! Prove to the world you were there!

When will I get matched with my giftee? When do I need to send my gift?
Sign-up for Squish Swap ends the night of November 12th. After that, we'll run a fancy algorithm to match swappers, and we'll send you an email telling you to come get your giftee's information! Once you have that information, you'll have until the night of November 17th to pick out your gift.

I signed up, and bought my Token, but now something has changed and don't want to pick something out for my giftee. What do I do?
Well, that's a party pooper :( But if it’s before the 12th, contact us ASAP so we can refund your Token and reassign your giftee so that no one is left sad. If the matches have already gone out, which will happen on the afternoon of the 12th, it’s out of our hands - your gifter may have already chosen your Squish! So let us know early if you change your mind!

How will my Squish Swapper know what Squishables I like? How will I know what to buy my giftee?
Well, first off, you will receive a link to your giftee's Wish List and Collection List on their Member page! That'll give you a sense of the types of Squishies that your giftee really wants, and which ones they already have! So it's really important that you make sure that your lists are are updated, and your member page is set to "public" before you sign up for Squish Swap! Second of all, our in-house hamster scientists have composed the highly technical questionnaire at the right of this page. When you receive your giftee's information, it will include their answers to the questionnaire, and you can use those answers to decide the exact right Squishable to get them!

Can I send someone a mystery Squishable?
Part of the fun of Squish Swap is figuring out the perfect gift for your giftee, based off their unique and quirky tastes! That means that random mystery Squishables are excluded from Squish Swap.

Will a stranger have my personal information?
Nope! All sensitive information - like full names and addresses - will be kept in our system secretly. The only information that your Squish Swapper will receive are your user name, the answers to the sign-up questionnaire and a link to your lists!

But if I don't have my giftee's address, how do I send them their Squishable?
We'll store all the Squish Swap matches in our system. When you're ready to send your gift, log in to the Squishable website! All Mini Squishables on the website will have a special option to use your Token to order that item for your Squish Swap giftee, along with the chance to write your giftee a nice note! We'll automatically fill in the shipping information on our end! And we will save all the Squish Swap orders and send them out at once!

Is it possible that I might send a gift but not receive one?
Nope! We promise that everyone that sends a Squishy will receive a Squishy! If your gifter somehow forgets to pick out a Squishable for you, after the gifting deadline we’ll reassign their choosing duties to another fan who will pick out the perfect Squish anyway.

Do you really cover everyone's shipping in the US to thank them for participating?

I'm international, with a shipping address outside of the US, but I still want to participate!
Yes! This year for the first time we’re letting international Squishers participate in the Squish Swap! The international entry costs a little more than a US entry to help cover the extra shipping cost - an international Token costs $28.40 (the extra $8.40 is exactly what our international saver shipping costs on the website). That way your gifter can still send their Squish to you, no matter where you are!

Why do I have to get my gift from the Squishable website? Can't I send someone a Squishable I already own? Or from Amazon or something?
This Squish Swap is limited to Squishables from the website so that we can keep all of your personal information secret! Plus, we can keep better keep track of who has and hasn't sent - without that, it would be a lot harder to make sure that no one cheats by getting a Squishy but not sending one. Plus, some people have allergies and other problems that might be caused by receiving a used Squishable. Ordering off the site just keeps everyone safe :)

Let's do this!
Yes, let's! Get started by signing up with the form at the right!

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