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Squishable Truffle Pig by Paulina Z.

Squishable Truffle Pig

Voting is Over

Voting is Over

Squishable Truffle Pig

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Artist's Description:

The Truffle Pig is a quirky, adorable, fun-loving animal whose ancestors may or may not have dug up one mushroom too many. But with a nose like that, it's sure that they can snuffle out other things, like candy and buried treasure, faster than you can say OINK! They are prone to cuddling and hugs, and up to any kind of adventure!

About the Designer:

Paulina Z.

Born and living in Poland, an artist at heart, and nothing but art will do. A jack of all trades that tries their hand in anything, from crafts and arts to game development and gardening. Pretty friendly! Doesn't bite.

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