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Squishable Tissues by Emily F.

Squishable Tissues

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Voting is Over

Squishable Tissues

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Artist's Description:

Everyone knows that whether you are sad, suffering from a cold, or going through a recent romantic upset, tissues are always there to wipe up your tears and sniffles. This squishy tissue box is not just there to provide your nose with lots of hugs but is there to give you hugs too whenever you may need them. Also, this tissue box is eco friendly because there is no waste, just love, comfort, and hugs. And just like normal tissues, this little tissue box is available 24/7!

About the Designer:

Emily F.

Hi! My name is Emily, I live in the UK, and I am a self-confessed Squishy addict! I studied Art at high school before going to university where I now study Chemistry. I have always loved drawing cute things, my doodles can be found in random places from napkins to my university lab book!

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Talk about this design!
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