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Squishable Sir Lancelot by Eryn W.

Squishable Sir Lancelot

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Voting is Over

Squishable Sir Lancelot

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Artist's Description:

We have a LOT of magical creatures around but who's going to slay the bad ones? This design is based off the fantasy themes we all know and love - Knights! Sir Lancelot will save us from the horrors of the night! He's also up for some cuddles to make sure we're safe and sound. This design is also dedicated to a friend of mine who actually happens to be named Launcelot. It's named after him. :)

About the Designer:

Eryn W.

I'm a Graphic Designer and professional crochet artist! When I'm not working (which is always), I'm enjoying a few rounds of Heroes of the Storm (and raging) with friends.

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Talk about this design!
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