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Squishable Siamese Cat by Tracy K.

Squishable Siamese Cat

Voting is Over

Voting is Over

Squishable Siamese Cat

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Artist's Description:

Siamese cats are known for being smart, talkative, and highly social pets. They love spending time with their people and aren't shy about sharing their opinions with their infamously loud meow, giving them the affectionate nickname of "Meezers". This Squishable Siamese might not be able to serenade you with early morning yowls, but it will be more than happy to cuddle by your side all day long!

About the Designer:

Tracy K.

I'm a freelance artist who works in photography, sewing, crafting, computer art and design. I have had a lifelong passion for animals, monsters, and creativity, and love combining all three in cute and exciting ways!

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